X50 Revolver MCT Coffee - Genesis Review! Written by Web Orders Apr 01, 2019
X50 Revolver MCT Coffee - Genesis Review!

The Revolver MCT instant coffee by X50 is coffee that’s been taken to the next level.

Genesis Review - X50 Revolver MCT Coffee

Supplement review | Apr 01, 2019
Published by Web Orders
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What is Revolver MCT Coffee by X50?

X50 Revolver MCT Coffee is a super tasty, high-performance instant coffee powder which contains Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT Oil) and Hydrolysed Collagen. The Revolver MCT instant coffee by X50 is coffee that’s been taken to the next level. As well as getting the caffeine hit you dream of, added ingredients such as MCT’s and Hydrolysed Collagen give you the added benefits you’ve been looking for. 

How does Revolver MCT Coffee by X50 work?

MCT’s, unlike other fats, go straight from the gut to our liver. They are then used as a source of energy or turned into ketones. MCT's X50’s instant coffee are the fatty acids that your body needs to turn into fuel for the day whilst the Hydrolysed Collagen has been proven to improve weight loss, promote healthier digestion and help the restoration of tendons and joints when taken around training times. Caprylic and Capric Acid (C8 & C10) help to keep the body in a state of ketosis, which is perfect for individuals who follow a Ketogenic lifestyle. These ingredients mixed with the coffee make the perfect combination! 

What are the Pros and Cons of taking Revolver MCT Coffee by X50?

  • Helps weight loss and digestion
  • Natural caffeine source
  • Added MCT’s
  • Keto-friendly
  • You will most likely be hooked!

Who is Revolver MCT Coffee Suitable for?

Although Revolver MCT Coffee is mainly targetted for the individuals who follow a Ketogenic, low-carb lifestyle it can be taken by anyone and everyone. This high-quality coffee blend helps to keep you in ketosis while also playing an essential role in good health. 

Our Thoughts:

Here at Genesis, we rely on the X50 Revolver MCT Coffee to give us that pick me up that we need when feeling a little slow through the day, especially if we’re on a ketogenic program! Whether you're an elite athlete of coffee connoisseur you are going to love this high-performance coffee!



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