Black Magic

#1 Supplement Store in Australia

Black Magic for health, wellbeing & powerful workouts

Black Magic’s founder created the team with a goal in mind. They wanted to form a team to create superior supplements, the kind that surpassed more outdated formulae. There was no luck involved: it was sheer determination and passion. Each Black Magic supplement is produced with incredibly potent ingredients, the kind that quickly absorb and produce powerful workouts.


The Black Magic sorcerers mix each product in-house, producing specialised formulae that provides the trainer with an otherworldly workout. They pride themselves on taking trainers to the other side, to a level of training not yet seen in the fitness industry. The results of their labour are some of the most powerful pre workouts, proteins, muscle recovery supports, nootropics and fat burners available. Check out the powerful range here and find out why Black Magic is casting its spell over the fitness industry.


Black Magic: spellbinding supplements for ultimate results

Genesis is a company who believes in high quality supplement brands. We work to source nothing but the most powerful, high octane supplement available on the market. We don’t just do this for people looking to grow superior muscle or build fast - we do it for the people looking to optimise their fitness and live a healthier life.


Black Magic incorporates top quality ingredients to ensure an incredible return for the trainer. From its world class BZRK pre workout, renowned for giving trainers that fast, high energy rush, to its incredible Brain Waves nootropic formula, this is a company that has done the research and produces outstanding results.


Genesis: here for health & fitness

Genesis wants you to be pumped about using top quality workout formulae. We want you to come to our store with the knowledge that you are going to pick up some first class products, regardless of your intention.


Whether you want to trim down and tone up, quickly bulk for competition, or are coming to the gym for the first time in search of a healthier lifestyle, we are the partner you need to help you succeed. Our trainers are passionate about their craft: whether they are working hard on the gym floor themselves or in the office, building global partnerships and sourcing quality products, it’s all part of our dedication to unrivalled fitness levels. Check out the stunning Black Magic collection here and see what we mean.

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