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Carnitine for enhancing muscular function

Carnitine is known as the "transporter"; responsible for transporting fat into the mitochondria of cells. Found in red meat and dairy products, supplementing with Carnitine can aid in cognitive function, weight loss and muscular endurance through the efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. Carnitine is perfect for builders, lifters and trainers looking to enhance their workout and take on a supplement that has a high versatility level. It is the ultimate energy metabolism product, ensuring you are pumped and ready to go for your next big workout.


Genesis is proud to present top carnitine products from world-leading names like EHP Labs, ATP Science, Kaged Muscle and more. Check out the amazing range here and find which product will be perfect for boosting your energy levels pre-workout


We have your fitness routine covered

The Genesis team believe in helping you reach the top of your workout game, to take your routine to powerful new heights and shape the physique you’ve always been looking for. Therefore, when you come to us for your carnitine products, you can be sure that they have been specially-formulated by some of the world’s top supplements labels. As a team of highly experienced builders, lifters and trainers, we know it what it takes to assist you in your workout routine, with some of the most powerful, reputable products available on the market.


Check out our amazing range of Carnitine & Alcar right here

Are you ready to take on a supplement that could provide you with the energy to create a workout the likes of which you are yet to have conducted? If so, check out the amazing range of carnitine products for sale right here at Genesis. With world-leading names creating specialised formulas for energy production and muscle growth, you are sure to find a product that will take your workout to new levels and help you shape that ultimate, ripped physique.

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