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Casein slow-release protein for optimal muscle growth

Casein is a protein derived from cows milk which is known for being slow digesting. Incredibly popular for use before bed, casein's slow digestion allows muscles to "feed" during times of fasting where we can't eat - like sleep! At, we stock a wide range of casein protein powders, each of which is an excellent source of recovery for maintaining or building muscle.


Genesis proudly vouches for casein slow-release protein and its ability to repair muscle tissue even at more dormant times of the day. This protein’s ability to create lean, ripped muscle is what has made it so popular amongst bodybuilding and lifting communities the world over, and we’re thrilled to stock some of the world’s leading brands as part of our repertoire.


Casein for muscle growth when fasting

There are times of the day where we simply can’t ingest new protein. But that doesn’t mean your body can’t be repairing muscle and shredding a new, ripped physique, even in the quieter hours of the day. The casein protein collection available here works at times when we’re not eating, slowly allowing your muscles to enjoy its rich nutrients whilst you relax. The Genesis team personally use casein for when we can’t be taking on more protein, and find that its slow-release formula allows for the creation of strong, lean muscle. 


We stoke the best casein protein brands at the best prices

The Genesis team is here to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a lifter or bodybuilder, we have a product that can ensure you achieve the results you want in a short amount of time. We proudly stock the world’s top casein powder brands for the best prices. Here you will find legendary labels including Rule 1, Optimum Nutrition and Muscle Nation. Each brand is renowned across the planet for their ability to produce intelligent supplements that are directed right at what you want to get out of your fitness routine. 


Check out the range here and find the perfect casein slow-release protein for your workout endeavours.

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