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Chemix creates products based on scientific results with world-class supplements. The label was created to help all trainers from gym newcomer to seasoned lifter, with a huge, highly versatile collection of supplements designed to give anyone the added boost they need on the gym floor. 


Genesis is thrilled to present an awesome range of Chemix products for gym-goers of all training levels. Here, you will find a scientifically-researched collection of amino acids, cortisol managers, pre-workouts, intra-workout supplements and much, much more.  Shop the outstanding collection and find out why Chemix is one of the training world’s most outstanding newcomers.


Why buy Chemix with Genesis?

Genesis believes in nothing less than providing our awesome training community with the very best supplements. We go out of our way to source and trial the best range of supplements from the world’s best producers, and we are thrilled to present Guerilla Chemist’s new line - Chemix.


As Australia’s brightest training newcomer, Genesis is out to prove ourselves as your go-to supplements supplier. This means, we not only find the very products for our valued training community, but we also provide them for the very best prices, too.


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Here you will find some of the most advanced, updated formulas available on the Australia market. As a relative newcomer to the supplements game, Chemix has spent ample time researching and trialling new formulas, with only the best scientific results. This is why their formulas have proven to be such an amazing early success, with trainers across the world testifying to the amazing results they have achieved through Chemix. Check out the outstanding collection here at our online store and find out why Chemix, and Genesis, are two outstanding training forces. 

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