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The bacteria in the gut influences brain function and supports the immune system, meaning that the importance of gut health goes far beyond mediating digestion. Your gut health can also dictate changes and imbalances to do with disease, intolerances, hormonal imbalances and much more. This is why we offer a range of high-quality products to support a healthy gut and give you the best chance on your health and fitness journey and day to day life. 


The Genesis team often hear from builders, lifters and trainers who whilst working hard to sculpt a ripped and powerful physique often neglect their immune health. This is all good if you’re not susceptible to any immune problems, but if you often find yourself unwell due to poor gut health - it’s time for a change. Gut Health and digestive supplements can potentially work alongside a healthy diet to improve your health and wellbeing. Genesis is thrilled to stock some of the world’s top gut health products from some of the world’s leading producers including ATP Science, Macro Mike and White Wolf Nutrition. Check out the incredible range and see why Genesis not only has your fitness goals close at heart but also your overall wellbeing.


Why is gut health important for trainers?

Because as much as gut health is imperative for general health and wellbeing, a trainer doesn’t want to be kept out of the game due to something like digestive problems or hormonal imbalances. A serious trainer should never neglect their overall health and wellbeing in place for focusing solely on a chiselled physique. To be the best you can possibly be you have to take care of all your bodily functions, and the high quality, health-promoting ingredients found in our gut health collection are designed to keep you feeling good, healthy and ready for a proper workout.

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If you are looking to balance your workout with high quality gut health supplements, Genesis’ collection is perfect for you. Check out the amazing gut health supp range here, finding products that are designed to support not only a healthy lifestyle but a rigorous training routine.

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