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High Stimulant pre-workout's are strong pre-workout supplements for those that love a strong buzz, high energy and focus for their workout. High Stim Pre's use a combination of stimulant type of ingredients for maximised energy output and focus. They are designed for experienced users & or individuals who are seeking more energy than the typical pre-workout provides. High stimulant pre-workouts aren’t for playing around: they are for serious, seasoned pre stimulant administers who are looking for top energy and power for their session. If you are looking for something stronger, more intense and powerful than the standard pre-workout powder, this your ultimate go-to.


Genesis's pre workouts: committed to helping you achieve incredible results

The Genesis supplement store is dedicated to ensuring serious builders and lifters get the ultimate products to ensure their workout is absolutely explosive. Therefore, when you come to our online store to find high stimulant pre-workout supplements, you will find nothing but the world’s most incredible brands at the best prices. With crazy big names like Black Magic, Insane Labz, Primeval Labs and Red Dragon all vying for the spot of world’s top sup provider, it’s no wonder that our product range is the best Australia has to offer. Each brand is regarded for creating incredible formulas that provide the trainer with an amazing buzz and energy going in to and throughout their workout.


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Want to balance your routine with other amazing supplements? Genesis is renowned for stocking the best supplements from the world’s best producers. With products for mass gain, weight loss, slow-release protein, and more available right here, right now, it’s no wonder that we have quickly earned a reputation as one of the country’s top online supplement distributors. 

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