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Inspired Nutraceuticals doesn’t believe the hype: all the gimmicks and nonsense some supplements labels say to trick you into buying their products. Instead, they operate with an ethos of scientifically-researched knowledge - the kind that can take a trainer’s workout to real, incredible new heights.

Produced in a state of the art US lab, Inspired Nutraceuticals is the producer of an incredible range of amino acids, proteins, BCAAs, greens and more. Here, you will find many of these awesome products from this incredible newcomer, and see why their straightforward approach is no gimmick in itself - it’s the real deal.


We are Australia’s leading Inspired Nutra supplier

The Genesis training team believes in seeking out the world’s best formulas. Whether a relative newcomer or an industry legend, we take the time to carefully test and trial our product range before deciding whether it is right for our collection. We are proud to say we can personally vouch for some of these incredible products from the cage-rattler that is Inspired Nutraceuticals.


We want to see you perform at your best, and furthermore, see you produce stunning results at the gym. We think Inspired Nutraceuticals is perfect for people looking to take their routine to the next level, with high-quality proteins, BCAAs and amino acids all part of their growing, science-based repertoire. 


Achieve pure workout results with Genesis

Join Genesis on our fitness journey. As experienced training professionals, we know what is required for you to go one further, achieve incredible results and feel great about them, too. Shop incredible products from amazing labels just like Inspired Nutraceuticals, so that you too can see the results that maybe not so long ago you could have thought were possible. 

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