International Protein

#1 Supplement Store in Australia are proud to be stocking the International Protein product range. International Protein is an Australian based nutritional supplement company. It was founded by a professional bodybuilder who as a qualified food scientist understands how to make food nutritious and appealing to consume. International Protein pride themselves on using their years of experience to provide good quality, affordable products that taste great, really work and meet consumers' high expectations. Shop with today and see why we are Australia’s Leading Sports Supplement and Nutrition Retailer. Get the best deals on all leading Supplement Brands at Incredible Prices with Delivery Australia Wide!


Buy International Protein at top prices

Genesis exists to bring our awesome training community world-class products at the best prices. We don’t think that trying to reach your ultimate physical shape and performance should have to cost you a week’s wages, and therefore ensure that all our products are offered at amazing prices.


The same goes for world-class International Protein. Renowned for being one of the world’s premier supplement labels, International Protein is a true training force to be reckoned with. If you are looking for first-class proteins, BCAAs, casein powders and more - International Protein is perfect for you. 


Why buy International Protein supplements with Genesis?

There is a simple answer to this question: Genesis is a team of trainers working to provide nothing but the best for our beloved training community. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer or seasoned pro, a lifter, a boxer - whatever - Genesis is here to ensure you receive the supplements that are going to take your training to the next level. We absolutely love what we do here, and that means going out of our way to source and trial some of the world’s top supplements suppliers before proudly adding them to our training repertoire. This is why you will find such an extensive International Protein collection waiting for you to try it and achieve incredible results. There truly is no better label for building incredible, powerful muscle than International Protein. A scientifically-based brand that focuses on isolating protein to supplement an outstanding workout, the Genesis team couldn’t be more thrilled to have them part of our expansive supplements collection. Browse the range here at our online store and find out why International Protein maintains such a proud reputation as one of the world’s best supplements producers. 
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