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Medium stimulant pre workout for a smooth energy rush

Medium stimulant pre-workout formulas typically contain standardised levels of caffeine, taurine or other energy enhancing compounds. Medium stimulant pre-workouts can be used by most athletes and will provide you with greater focus, energy and motivation during your training. An emphasis on tunnel vision focus and mild 'tingles' will set these products apart. Medium stimulant pre workouts are perfect for trainers who want to give their body an added boost pre-workout, but are not looking to charge through the gym wall like some crazed, high-stimulant pre-workout Hulk. They provide you with a medium rush that will help you through a workout regardless of its length or intensity.  Genesis is thrilled to stock some of the world’s leading medium stimulant pre workouts from some of the world’s top producers including Ghost Lifestyle, Myoblox, Optimum Nutrition and Switch Nutrition. Each of these supplement world leaders develop intelligent, specially-formulated pre workouts designed to give you a great energy burst but one that is smooth and efficient. 

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The Genesis building, lifting and training team is serious about its product quality. Furthermore, we want to help you realise your dream fitness levels, including enjoying a positive, powerful workout that will help you reach your goals. Our medium stimulant pre workout supplements are perfect for invigorating the body and providing you with balanced, smooth energy, one that will help you feel confident, focused and sharp on the gym floor.


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The Genesis team is dedicated to ensuring our amazing fitness community has everything they need to reach their fitness goals. Whether it be maintaining a health, happy body or forming a ripped physique, we want you to feel confident that you have all the products needed to get there. Our committed team sources only top quality products from the world’s most reputable manufacturers - you are sure to find something here to elevate your fitness routine.

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