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Muscle Nation is a fitness clothing and supplement brand based in Australia. In a short period, Muscle Nation has become a well recognised and respected brand, not only in the clothing sector but also in the health and fitness industry. This growth comes from a passion and devotion to use social media for social interactions to communicate with, build a community and produce effective and quality products based on customers feedback. Shop Muscle Nation Supplements at Genesis supplement store and score exclusive discounts and combo package inclusions!


Our products include everything you need to take your fitness goals to new plateaus. Whether you’re just starting out in the gym or a professional athlete, Muscle Nation has a comprehensive range of products to facilitate strong, efficient workouts.


Our Range of Muscle Nation Supplements

Our products range includes a collection of supplements designed to enhance you’re the power of your workout whilst assisting in aspects like weight loss, muscle growth etc. We have created scientific solutions to aid workouts for a variety of fitness goals. For people looking to shred fat and lean up, we stock Destiny fat burner, a well-formulated, product designed to enhance metabolism, burn fat and boost mood.


For lifters looking to add some serious muscle to their physique, Muscle Nation has formulated a range of supplements to do just that. From our Casein Custard protein powder to our eponymous Protein whey isolate, Muscle Nation has developed a series of amazing formulas that are sure to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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