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Myoblox: a world leader in specialised formulas

Genesis is proud to be stocking Myoblox premium supplement line. Based in southern California this is a brand that specializes in creating class-leading formulas, special release runs and some of the most unique branding on the market today. With hero products like Skywalk and Loco we're confident you'll be as impressed as we were with this big time boutique brand.


Genesis stocks an extensive Myoblox collection, with everything from nootropic supplements to powerful pre workouts, superfoods combinations and their incredible pump formulae all making up the Genesis Myoblox catalogue. Check out the awesome collection here at our online store and find out why Genesis is the Australian go-to for all things Myoblox.


Why buy Myoblox with Genesis?

Genesis and its training professionals know what is needed to make a good formula. We have been working in the gym industry for years, and have always enjoyed having Myoblox supplements part of our training regimen. We believe that this is a label with highly intelligent, specialised formulas that provide the trainer with what they need regarding the supplement of their choice.


As a label with a passion for quality supplements and formulas, we refuse to stock anything we believe would be subpar and fail to provide the nutrition it claims to provide. We can safely say that Myoblox is a label that intelligently designs its formulas in a way that gives the trainer the required nutrients to get the most out of their training routine.


Genesis: an Australian leader in sport nutrition

Genesis has quickly earned a reputation as one of Australia’s first choices for high quality, well priced sports nutrition. As a label with a team of trainers who care about sports nutrition, you can trust that we have your best interests and physical fitness close at heart. Here, you will not only find top quality products from Myoblox, but a host of awesome sports nutrition from the world’s top manufacturers.


We believe in helping our awesome training community become equipped with the products they need to enjoy the benefits of their training. Whether this comes from the awesome Myoblox range or something else available in our catalogue, we believe that our products are truly some of the best available in the Australian training industry.


Check out the awesome, highly extensive collection here at our online store and find out why we are a go-to for quality sports nutrition.

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