Non Dairy Proteins

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Browse our incredible non-dairy protein range stocks a wide range of non-dairy proteins which are suitable for those who have special dietary requirements or may be lactose intolerant, Coeliac or vegan. From gluten-free, lactose-free and 100% organic formulas, our Non-Dairy protein selection is ideal for anyone looking for a cleaner, leaner protein powder which is not derived from cow's milk.


Non-dairy protein for excelled workouts

Genesis is proud to present such an awesome collection of non-dairy protein products. For people looking to enhance their fitness routine without the use of cow’s milk proteins, these are perfect for you. Their special formulation helps to create a ripped, shredded physique, as well as aid recovery so that you can quickly get back into the gym. With leading vegan protein brands including Blessed Plant, Ghost Lifestyle, Macro Mike, ATP Science and more, you are sure to find the perfect protein for shredding lean muscle, feeling fuller for longer and getting back into the gym without all the downtime.


Genesis – committed to top results

The Genesis team takes the health and wellbeing of our beloved community seriously. We want nothing more than to see you achieve amazing results and fast. Therefore, when you come to our online store, you will find nothing but the best products from the world’s leading brands. The same goes for our collection of non-dairy proteins. Find the perfect product to help you reach new, amazing fitness plateaus right here at Genesis.

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