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Olympus Labs products for ultimate results

Olympus Labs have made huge waves since their induction into the supplement world. With powerful, success-driven formulas being utilised by the world’s top trainers, there is little wonder why this product has easily become one of the ultimate go-to brands for local and international builders, lifters and fitness lovers. With amazing protein supplements, fat burners and health supplements all produced using the highest quality ingredients available, the Genesis team is proud to be able to have this label as part of our awesome supplements repertoire. 


Here, you will find powerful products including Assassinate fat burner, Sup3r Post Cycle Therapy, El1minate estrogen blocker, Massacr3 muscle builders and much, much more. The Genesis team, as passionate bodybuilders and personal users of incredible Olympus Labs products, can personally add testament to their ability to achieve exactly what is you are going for.  Check out the awesome range here at our online store, finding the product that will take your workout to the next level.


Olympus Labs Supplements: passionate about your results

The Genesis supplement store cares deeply about our valued community’s ability to achieve incredible training results. Through sourcing the world’s top brands, each of whom with products designed to achieve success, we believe that we are helping our awesome community and each individual member take their workout to new, powerful success plateaus. All you have to do is check out our amazing range and you will see just how committed we are to bring you the best of the best in world supplements. Whether it’s Olympus Labs or one of the other awe-inspiring labels we proudly stock at our online store, we’re sure our range will help you achieve amazing results in absolutely no time. 

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