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Pea protein: a natural way to optimise your protein intake

Pea Protein is sourced from dry peas which are natural and free from dairy and allergens. This makes Pea Protein a great tasting, vegan and vegetarian source of protein with a high naturally occurring amount of essential amino acids as well as a high content of branched-chain amino acids, to aid in maximising recovery, repair and muscle growth. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or don't digest whey protein very well, Genesis offers a variety of high-quality Pea Proteins as an exceptional dairy-free natural alternative which can be used to both facilitate increased recovery post-workout or even used daily to fortify a diet lacking in protein. As aforementioned, pea protein is one of the optimal ways to receive natural protein intake. Its ability to quickly maximise muscle repair, recovery and growth are one of the main reasons trainers all over the world turn to pea protein for a natural solution.


The Genesis team, a keen advocate for natural protein products, is thrilled to present this wonderful to our valued training community. What may sound like a small thing packs a massive punch, and we can personally vouch for pea protein’s ability to maximise your recovery and build lean, powerful muscle.


Genesis's Pea Protein: dedicated to muscle growth

The Genesis team, first and foremost, are here to help you optimise your training routine. As passionate trainers with a dedication to awesome workouts, we search far and wide to source only products we can safely say can help you reach an amazing level of fitness before taking it even further. The same goes for our incredible pea protein range. Buy amazing products from Clear Vegan, Rule 1 and Ghost Lifestyle, finding out why this natural, vegan protein source is one of the very best to take your training, and muscle mass, to new, incredible heights.


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Genesis, as one of Australia’s newest, most dedicated supplements providers, is replete with products that are sure to help you reach your pinnacle and then jump to the next level. From world-class proteins to BCAAs, powerful pre-workouts and wellbeing supplements, we have everything you need to ensure you are working hard in the gym and ready to get back on the floor in absolutely no time. Check out our extended, incredible collection right here and find out why Genesis is so popular with trainers throughout Australia.

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