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Peptides & Muscle Builders are unique supplements that are specifically designed to boost natural muscle growth without causing negative effects on your bodies hormones. These products historically use plant-based ingredients to boost muscle protein synthesis to a higher level then what can be achieved through your diet. If you are looking for something to give you that extra edge over the competition or after something to help you get to your peak physique, then our range of Peptides & Muscle Builders may just help. Genesis, as an Australian leader in muscle building supplements, only sources the world’s best peptides and muscle builders from the most reputable creators. We believe in the powerful effect these products can have for building strong muscle, and so we refuse to settle for second best when it comes to providing you with quality supplements. Check out the amazing range right here at our online store, finding the product that will ensure your workout creates outstanding results.


Genesis is here to help you achieve your fitness goals

Genesis is so much more than a supplements store - it is a place where you can come to be part of a building, lifting and training community - one that is dedicated to its craft and takes your health and wellbeing seriously. To us, your fitness goals are paramount, so if you are looking to sculpt a ripped, powerful physique, our collection is perfect for you. With huge name brands including Redcon 1, Olympus Labs and Primeval Labs all part of our growing collection, you can be sure our peptides and muscle builders are perfect for helping you achieve your dream physique.


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Check out our incredible collection below, finding the product that will help take your fitness routine to new, powerful heights. We love what we do here at Genesis, and we love nothing more than seeing our valued community surprise themselves at how far they can take their physique, strength and wellbeing.

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