Prana ON

#1 Supplement Store in Australia

Prana ON: a leader in vegan nutrition

Prana ON is an Australian owned and made company founded by former Natural Mr Universe bodybuilder, Billy Simmonds. Prana pride themselves on using primarily plant-based whole foods and superfoods to help their fans achieve their goals.


These products have won multiple awards and have consistently been regarded as the top-rated vegan protein for taste, effects and texture. For trainers who want the best results but don’t want to utilise products like animal-based protein, we have what you need with an awesome selection of Prana ON products. We are truly thrilled to have such an extensive collection on hand for vegan trainers to enjoy. With top quality plant-based protein and super greens packs available, you can be sure that this is a range that cares about your fitness and the environment, too.


Prana ON: a label with a passion for high grade, plant-based protein

There is a simple reason why Prana ON is always amongst the top vegan supplements companies: it’s just that effective. Not only does it taste great and have an awesome consistency, it is extremely popular amongst vegan and non-vegan trainers alike for its powerful ability to provide the trainer with a huge boost after a big workout. Plant-based protein is becoming more popular amongst passionate trainers, eager to try something different and something that doesn’t have adverse effects on the world around us.


The product they, and you, have been looking for is Prana ON. Withe incredible plant-based proteins and super greens just the beginning of the company’s incredible journey, we are proud to be there at a time when it is really blowing up in the nutrition industry.


Why Genesis is the place to go for quality nutrition

Genesis is a label with a long time passion for sourcing quality supplements. Our trainers are always working to find new, high grade products as well as sourcing some legendary favourites. From old school names to hi-tech newcomers, Genesis is the place to come to find the world’s best training nutrition. We love what we do here and we are here to help you trim down, tone up, bulk or do whatever it is that is going to help make you your healthiest, happiest self.


Browse incredible products from Prana ON and a whole host of other world beating brands. We have awesome fat burners, pre workouts, creatines, BCAAs and more in abundance - all you have to do is have a browse and find what you need for your routine.

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