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Primabolics: a leader in quality nutrition

Every so often a label that comes about that produces an extensive range of incredible supplements. That label is Primabolics. Now a renowned industry name, Primabolics has the training world in raptures due to its incredible products and broad range. Whatever you are looking to achieve, there is surely a Primabolics product that can help you achieve it.


From incredible whey protein to pre workouts, metabolic igniters, fat burners and more, this is a label that refuses to rest, continuing to design and develop even stronger, more reputable products for its dedicated following. The Genesis team couldn’t be more thrilled to have Primabolics as part of our collection. We believe that anything that can help people reach their fitness goals is a wonderful thing, and we truly believe that Primabolics is a label that can help you do that. Check out the range here and find out why we couldn’t be more stoked to share them with the Australian training community.


Why we’re so thrilled to have Primabolics in store

There is no greater feeling than knowing we have sourced something premium, something powerful. Genesis exists to help our trainers reach their ultimate fitness goals, whether they are right in sight or a distant belief. Because, as we’re sure you already know - no distant belief stays that way for long. If you are ready to put in the hours and work hard to achieve incredible things on the gym floor the rest will follow.


The Primabolics product selection will help you get there with skill and precision. We know you want nothing but the best for your workout journey, and we have duly obliged you. With an incredible array of products reaching the core of what trainers are vying to achieve, you can trust that this is a product collection that will take you to new physical peaks and inspire you to go even further. Check out the incredible range here at our supplement store and find out why Genesis is a true supplier of all things positive, powerful and premium.

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