Protein Bread Co

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Make your protein intake delicious with the Protein Bread Co

Genesis is thrilled to stock a wonderfully delicious Protein Bread Co selection, perfect for boosting your protein intake the tasty way. With incredibly tasty products including pancakes, muffins, cookies, pizza bases and bread mixes, you will be thrilled you picked up this product as a way to enhance your regular protein intake. The Protein Bread Co was created with a dedication to combining higher protein levels with tasty treats all trainers can enjoy. Whether you’re a builder who loves bread, a lifter with a love for pizza or a trainer with a taste for muffins - there is something for everyone with the Protein Bread Co - available right here at Genesis.


Protein Bread Co: boosting your protein the tasty way

The Genesis team gets it: you want a more appetising way to aid your protein intake! That’s understandable, as you might as well enjoy this important training element. Therefore, when you come to us looking for new and exciting ways to boost this vital part of your routine, you will find amazingly delectable products from this awesome new label.


We are committed to your workout

Genesis, as one of Australia’s most trusted and reliable supplements providers, only sources the world’s highest quality protein products for our valued building, lifting and training community.  Here, you will not only find yummy Protein Bread Co protein-boosting treats but supplements from world-leading labels like Muscle Nation, Switch Nutrition, ATP Science and much, much more. We understand the importance you place on protein intake, as it is one of the most important elements for shredding fit, lean muscle, and we have the products you need to reach amazing new fitness heights. Check out the range here and find out why we have you covered with the best in world workout products.

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