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BiPeptides: changing the training industry for the better

BiPeptides and its founders were concerned with the way supplements were made. They found they contained the same, tired old ingredients, and those that never necessarily provided a huge hit in the first place. So they decided to switch up the industry and produce all new products with all new ingredients.


Today, they are one of the world’s most reputable training suppliers, creating products across a huge range that provide trainers with everything they need to go to new training heights. Genesis, as a purveyor of all things high grade and powerful, has curated this special BiPeptides collection to ensure you, the passionate trainer, has what they need to create an awesome, solid workout every time you hit the gym floor.


Why we’re stoked to stock BiPeptides

Genesis is a supplements store that is always on the lookout for exciting products. Furthermore, we believe in stocking a wide range of products so that our awesome training community can find exactly what is needed for its workout journey. BiPeptides is a label that provides a different approach to supplements, with special ingredients that have a particular level of potency for passionate trainers.


We are thrilled to have them as part of our collection. We know that you care about what goes into your supplements, and we care about you getting the best from your workout. Here, you will find an awesome selection designed to enrich your workout and give you a huge boost, no matter what your endeavours entail.


Find top class supplements here

Genesis is always working toward sourcing the very best supplements. Whether you’re bulking up, trimming down or simply working towards a higher fitness level, our supplements are designed to help you achieve your goals. We believe that a trainer wants products that are going to reach the core of their efforts, providing them with the nutrition to make amazing things happen. Check out our extensive range of BCAAs, protein powders, plant-based proteins, hormone support supplements and more, finding exactly what it is you need to reach new heights.

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