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Check out our huge range of shakers, jugs & bottles

Genesis stocks a large range of shakers, drink bottles, jugs, thermo bottles and everything in between. We only stock high-quality brands offering a variety of different colours and sizes so you can find the perfect accessories to quench your thirst for years to come!


Whether you’re mixing a protein shake after a huge workout or keeping your bottle full of that all-important H20, Genesis has you covered with an awesome collection of shakers, bottles and jugs from some of our top supplements suppliers. Check out the first grade range here and find out exactly why trainers from Australia and across the globe choose Genesis for their sports supplements and accessories.


Why buy your shakers, jugs, bottles & other accessories at Genesis?

Genesis is a label that knows what’s important to a serious trainer. We know that you want nothing but the best quality products, whether it be in sports nutrition or accessories, and we are always to provide you with first grade training goods. The same goes for our collection of bottles: coming from our world renowned supplements partners, our range is sure to contain a vessel that you will love adding to your training gear repertoire.


Here, you will find an awesome range of quality drink containers that are sure to last you over plenty of gym visits. Coming from names like EHP Labs, Optimum Nutrition, Ghost Lifestyle and more, the containers in this range are simply designed for serious trainers.


Genesis: an Australian leader in personal fitness

Genesis is renowned across the country for being a leader in sports nutrition and accessories. As dedicated trainers with years of experience working hard on the gym floor and enjoying awesome results, you can be sure that our team has your personal health, fitness and wellbeing close at heart and mind. We work hard to source nothing but the best products to share with our fantastic training community, whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or elsewhere.


We are always here to help you achieve your fitness goals and want you to be equipped with the best products to ensure this happens. This is why, when visiting our online store, you will be thrilled to come across plenty of products from the world’s best suppliers, big names including Muscle Nation, ATP Science, Optimum Nutrition, EHP Labs and much, much more. Check out the range here and find what will take your workout to the next level.

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