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Body Effects by Power Performance | Weight Loss | Genesis

by Power Performance

Improve Mood and Reduce Appetite! Weight Loss Boosting Supplement!


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  • Description

    The Genesis Nutrition team is now proudly stocking Body Effects by Power Performance; this is a great supplement for anyone looking for assistance in shedding off the kilos! It works with several different ingredients to ignite your body’s fat-burning potential, suppresses your appetite to assist the cravings associated with calorie deficient diets, it will help with water retention, enhance mood and increase energy. Due to the compounds that boost energy and mood body effects can be used as a great pre-workout especially for people who will be undertaking cardiovascular training.

    Body Effects utilises a large 3g dose of CLA per serving in order to assist fat burning, PEA to improve mood and control cravings whilst in a negative calorie intake, Guarana to improve energy, green tea leaf for improved metabolism. A huge 8g of fibre is also incorporated, which will also suppress appetite and cleanse the internal organs assisting the weight loss process.

  • Key Points
    • Fat Loss
    • Shredding
    • Boost Energy
    • Lean Muscle Mass
    • Suppress Appetite
  • Our thoughts

    Body Effects is truly a revolutionary Product. The fact it has Properties that help consumers maintain define lean muscle mass, lose weight and get an energy kick, makes it a very appealing Supplement. It is perfect for Competitive Bodybuilders, people trying to lose weight or maintain their physique and the average person alike. The Staff at Genesis Nutrition will definitely be adding this to our Supplement Stack. It mixes well and is a pleasure to consume. The fact that it does provide a pretty good energy boost makes it perfect to be used as a pre-workout too.

  • Directions

    Mix 1 (one) scoop of Body Effects by Power Performance with 150ml-250ml of water. Take once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Best taken on an empty stomach. Do not consume more than two scoops a day. To ensure the best consistency possible mix together using one of our Protein Shakers.

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