Top 10 Amino Acids

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Our top 10 amino acids for building powerful muscle

It's not always easy to choose which products are right for your workout! That's why the team at Genesis, drawing on years of industry experience, source, stock and deliver the best products on the market! Our Top 10 Amino Acids is a combination of both our customers, and our insights, experiences and favourites!


Branch chain amino acids (BCAAs), are designed to help boost your training performance, build solid muscle and assist in recovery. Found in protein-rich foods like meats, dairy and eggs, BCAAs are an important element of facilitating strong muscle growth whilst alleviating any downtime a big workout can produce.


Genesis, as an Australian leader in world class sports nutrition, is thrilled to showcase so many quality BCAAs as part of our catalogue. With quality products from the world’s best labels including 5 Percent Nutrition, EHP Labs, Primeval Labs and more, we’re sure you will find a product in this top 10 that you will be thrilled to add to your training repertoire. Check out the range here and find out why Genesis is a go-to for first class BCAAs and other sports nutrition products.


Why buy BCAAs with Genesis?

Genesis is a firm believer in ensuring our valued workout community have everything they need to enjoy a powerful workout and achieve amazing results. We know that you are because you want to experience the very best the world’s nutrition manufacturers can produce, and so we only partner with the world’s top manufacturers to ensure you get the most out of your workout.


We are thrilled to present this awesome top 10 BCAAs list from the world’s top nutrition manufacturers. Here, you will find stunning products from amazing producers, all intelligently formulated to give the trainer the exact hit they need to produce a powerful workout, recovery quickly and build that awesome, solid muscle we all work towards.


Genesis: a port of call for first class nutrition

Despite being a younger company, Genesis has quickly earned a reputation for producing quality products. We know that every trainer wants to surpass their fitness goals, and so we have sourced a special range of products from leading producers to ensure you get to where you want to be.


We do this because we are passionate about seeing our valued community do their vest best and produce amazing things on the gym floor. This is why you will only find top quality BCAAs, as well as a host of other quality products, part of our online store. Check out the awesome collection here as well as our extended products range and find out why we are a leader in sports nutrition.

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