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Our top 10 vitamins & minerals for overall health

Whether it's to support cognitive function, immunity, joint health or general wellbeing, stocks a wide range of vitamin and mineral supplements that will help put you back on the path to a healthy, happy lifestyle. We've spent countless hours sourcing, stocking, loading and delivering our Top 10 Vitamins & Minerals, based on a combination of yours and our experience!


Genesis is a comprehensive fitness store that places great value in maintaining general health and wellbeing. We believe that there is no point to exercising and working on getting in shape if you are only going to cancel it out in other ways. Our top 10 vitamins and minerals are designed to help maintain a solid level of health and wellbeing whilst you continue with your training regimen and other aspects of your life. Peruse the collection here and find out why Genesis is not just a workout label, but one that also works to help promote general health.


Why purchase vitamins & minerals at Genesis?

Genesis is a company that stocks the world’s best health supplements for the best prices. We don’t believe in stocking subpar products, but we also don’t believe in stocking high quality products for outrageous prices. Therefore, when you come to us to find quality vitamins and minerals, including our range of ATP Science and Redcon1 products, you can be sure that they are of the highest quality and designed to assist in providing the nutrition needed for a healthy lifestyle.


This range includes gut health supplements, immunal support products, greens capsules and more, and when taken with a healthy diet and regular exercise support continued physical health. We believe our collection can promote ongoing health and we source it because we are here to help promote that requirement.


Browse our extended product range

Genesis, as a company that takes an all-encompassing approach to health and fitness, naturally stocks an extensive product range, one that is designed to invigorate your health and support ongoing fitness. This includes a huge range of products for training and workout regimens, including awesome protein powders, BCAAs, adrenal support products, pre workouts and much, much more.


To us, there is nothing more important than continuing to provide high class products for our valued clients, and this is something we will continue to do and will continue to source. We love what we do here, and want to see the trainers of Australia reach amazing fitness heights and surprise themselves with how well they can do. This is our commitment to ensuring our valued training community members get what they need to produce awesome workouts and become a super healthy, happy them.

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