Universal Nutrition

#1 Supplement Store in Australia

Universal Nutrition: from athletes, for athletes

It’s little wonder as to why Universal Nutrition is sold in over 90 countries. The athlete’s brand is dedicated to nothing short of world class quality. Nothing subpar makes its way into its products: it is created from nothing but the best, high quality and potent ingredients to stimulate awesome workouts and incredible results.


From its high octane creatine to its powerful animal aminos, all the way through to the first class whey proteins, this is a label that has the training universe in its grasp. Genesis couldn’t be more thrilled to have them part of our range. As a fitness label with a love for everything strong and solid, we only source top quality products. Universal Nutrition and its team have a love for good quality ingredients and this shows through the amazing results their products create.


Universal Nutrition: a long time industry favourite

Universal Nutrition is no industry newcomer: it has been producing incredible formulae for over four decades. It has long been here to show the world that clever formulae produced with quality ingredients will give you what you need to become a master of your craft. We couldn’t be prouder to have it as part of our collection and we know you will love its products, too.


The training world has a longstanding love affair with this incredible label. It is known for producing the best creatines, animal aminos, whey proteins and snack bars on the market. Its longevity as a label is a testament to its ability to produce nothing but the best nutrition in the game. Check out its amazing range here and find out for yourself why Universal Nutrition has been an industry mainstay for over 40 years.


Genesis: an Australian leader in world class nutrition

Genesis is a label that cares about its trainers’ health and wellbeing. Whatever you are looking to achieve, we’ve got you covered. Looking for top class, high octane pre workout to pump out awesome sessions? We’ve got you. Looking to trim down and tone up? We have what you need.


Genesis sources nothing but the best manufacturers renowned for their scientific formulae. This is the stuff that will help you achieve your training goals and more. Browse our awesome range and find out why Genesis has become such an integral leader in Australian sports nutrition.

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