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Weight gainer protein for increasing muscle mass

If you're looking to distinguish your physique by adding muscle mass, or you want to increase your strength, power and weight in the gym, then a weight gainer protein may be your ideal product! Here at Genesis.com.au, we stock both high-calorie and mid-calorie gainers for athletes who are looking to increase muscle mass and size.


How does weight gainer protein work?

Weight gainer protein contains high amounts of carbohydrates and protein. The combination works to assist the trainer in putting on weight and thus increasing muscle mass. Weight gainer proteins are perfect for builders and lifters looking to increase muscle mass in short periods of time and work in conjunction with a healthy, protein-rich diet.


We stock top weight gainer proteins at top price

The Genesis team can personally vouch for weight gainer proteins for people looking to increase muscle mass fast. Our specialised builders and lifters utilise this protein type when looking to quickly build strong, powerful muscle, and add testament to its capabilities. 


We are proud to stock the world’s top weight gainer proteins available at the best prices. With incredible labels including Optimum Nutrition, International Protein, Rule 1, BSN and more available at our online store, you are sure to find the perfect supplement to help you reach your muscle gain goals. Genesis only sources the world’s best products from leading labels, and we are sure you will get what you need out of any of the available weight gainer supps available right here, right now at our online store.

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