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Weight loss protein for healthy living

Stocked at Genesis.com.au, Weight Loss Protein Powders are perfect for anyone who is looking to slim down and drop excess kilos, all while maintaining their hard-earned lean muscle! Most proteins in this category contain little to no carbohydrates, and some contain thermogenic properties which assist your body to increase its metabolic rate, or the rate at which you naturally burn calories.


If you’re looking for a protein that helps keep you full for longer whilst repairing muscle tissue – weight loss protein is your optimal option. The Genesis team is thrilled to partner with so many world-leading labels to bring you some of the best protein supplements available on the market. 


We love what we do here, and we want to help you become the best version of yourself, so when you come to our online store for your weight loss protein products, you will find nothing but the world’s top brands available at amazing prices. 


How protein can help you lose weight

Weight loss proteins essentially work in three ways. First, they increase your intake of appetite-reducing hormones like PYY, CCK and GLP-1, keeping your appetite down and helping you enjoy smaller portions. Second, they reduce your body’s hunger hormone ghrelin levels.


Finally, protein helps increase the feeling of being full for longer, thus ensuring you don’t feel the need to eat as much throughout the day. With so many fantastic weight loss benefits packed into the one supplement, it’s no wonder why people the world over choose weight loss protein when looking to shred extra kilos. 


We have the best weight loss protein brands for the best prices

Genesis is a committed fitness house where our valued customers come first. We want nothing more than for you to achieve your fitness goals, and we are here to help you get there at amazing prices. 


Therefore, when you come to us to find weight loss protein, you will find leading labels including EHP Labs, Max Nutrition and International Protein. Each one of these brands is renowned the world over for their ability to produce incredible results, and the Genesis team is proud to stock them for your weight loss efforts.

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