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2 x Fyred by Axe & Sledge

by Axe and Sledge

This bundle contains everything that you need to have you performing at your best. It contains a thermogenic fat burner to increase your metabolism and burn away unneeded calories.


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Fyred by Axe and Sledge

  • Description

    Fyred by Axe & Sledge is an extremely potent thermogenic supplement which helps release and transport fat from your fat cells. This powerhouse fat burner comes in capsule form, allowing your body to remain in a fasted state opposed to a powder form. Fyred helps to increase your base metabolic rate, increasing energy levels and forces your body to burn more calories throughout the day. Fyred has been designed with the highest-quality ingredients ready to supercharge your weight loss goals!

  • Key Points

    • Boosts Metabolism
    • Weight Loss Support
    • Promotes Energy
    • Mental Clarity & Focus
    • Hardcore Fat Burner
  • Our thoughts

    Fyred is packed with scientifically backed ingredients making it the powerhouse it is. It has a completely transparent label making sure you know exactly what you are consuming. Fyred will keep you Fyred up and ready to reach your weight loss goals! 

  • Directions

    The Genesis Team recommends following the manufacturer's directions. 

    For your first serving, simply take 1 serve (2 caps) of Axe & Sledge Fyred with at least 250ml of water 15 – 30 minutes before doing your fasted cardio exercise or as you start your day on an empty stomach.

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