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212 Fat Burning Powder by Muscle Elements - 40 Serves Fat Burner!

by Muscle Elements
Burn fat, promote thermogenesis and increase metabolism with this incredibly delicious scientifically-researched fatburner!

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  • Description
    One of the best-selling products in the fat burning category, 212 Fat Burning Powder by Muscle Elements is the result of extensive scientific research and state of the art production technology. 212 incorporates 3 extreme blends of potent fat burning ingredients which assist your body in oxidising long-chain fatty acids and feeding on them as an energy source. 212 by Muscle Elements increases thermogenesis, reduces body fat accumulation and dramatically increases the removal of excess water weight.
  • Key Points
    • Increase thermogenesis
    • Oxidisation of long-chain fatty acids
    • Fat burning
    • Increased energy
  • Our thoughts

    212 Fat Burning Powder by Muscle Elements is an innovative, full-spectrum fat burner/thermogenic which increases your body’s thermogenic capacity and energy, while simultaneously reducing your appetite, maintaining mood, reducing excess water and of course, burning unwanted fat. It achieves this by combining Green Coffee Bean, Octopamine HCL and BioPerine at its core. Green Coffee Bean has become incredibly popular amongst athletes for its metabolism stimulating properties. Octopamine HCL and BioPerine (as black pepper) combine to support fat oxidation, reduce body fat accumulation and synergistically amplify all key active ingredients. With 40 serves and in a delicious Orange Crush flavour, the team at Genesis Nutrition are thrilled to be stocking 212 – one of the most successful thermogenic fat burners on the market, straight from the USA.

  • Directions

    Genesis Nutrition recommends consuming one serve in the morning upon waking, and/or one serving before training. Check the label before use, always consult a medical professional if you have never taken a thermogenic fat burning supplement before and NEVER exceed the recommended maximum daily dosage.

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