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Alien Recovery By Insane Labz - BCAA Intra-Workout!

by Insane Labz

Promote recovery, muscular endurance and increase lean muscle.


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  • Description

    Alien Recovery by Insane labs is a BCAA formula developed with a ratio of 2:1:1 in favour of leucine, as well as isoleucine and valine. Alien Recovery is a perfect intra-workout or recovery supplement to boost protein synthesis and prevent muscle breakdowns from endurance and high volume training.

    Alien Recovery is a must-have for those looking to ensure they don’t suffer from catabolic muscle breakdown as a part of their exercise or daily routine allowing for instant absorption with no digestive distress immediately starting the recovery process between sets and extending muscular endurance allowing for a high level of intensity over a longer period at the same time also reducing muscle soreness.

  • Key Points
    • 2:1:1 ratio
    • Increase muscular endurance
    • Reduce muscle soreness
    • Recover faster
    • Stop muscle breakdown
  • Our thoughts

    Alien Recovery from Insane labs is - believe it or not - a very sensible amino acid formula, which is strange from a brand that prides itself on shock and awe. Nevertheless, by sticking to this simple formula containing a BCAA complex at the tried and tested 2:1:1 ratio, Insane Labs can guarantee that it will do the job it has been designed for, which includes the ability to increase muscular endurance, reduce recovery periods between sets and delaying fatigue.

  • Directions recommends taking a scoop during training in 300ML of water and another serve throughout the day when needed. Always follow manufacturer directions printed on the label. 

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