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Amino IV by PES - BCAA + EAAs by PES - Latest Version!

by Physique Enhancing Science

Containing a 10.1.1 Ratio of Leucine really does set this apart from other products in the Amino Acid field!


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  • Description
    Containing a huge 10:1:1 amino ratio the formula is packed full of Leucine an amino acid proven to boost both muscle recovery and growth. This, however, is not your normal amino formula as cleverly PES has made Amino IV an innovative 3 in 1 product containing not only BCAA’s but also Essential amino acids( EAA’s) and Alpha Hydroxy Isoprioc Acid (HICA) which is a metabolite of Leucine linked to major increases in lean muscle mass and anti-catabolism. It doesn’t stop there as both Taurine and L-Glutamine have to improve focus, performance and recovery but during and well after your workouts are done. You want to grow whilst drastically improving recovery times? Then Amino IV is for you!
  • Key Points
    • Huge Leucine loaded 10:1:1 BCAA Ratio to speed up recovery and growth
    • 3 in 1 product containing BCAA’s, EAA’s and HICA
    • Added Glutamine for recovery
    • Added Taurine for focus and athletic performance
    • Anti catabolic formula to assure lean muscle mass is retained.
  • Our thoughts

    There is no doubt that Amino IV was made from the highest quality ingredients. Having a 10.1.1 Ratio of Leucine really does set this apart from other products in the Amino Acid felid. Added Glutamine is a favourable inclusion especially in the assistance of recovery post workout. Put short if you are looking for a high quality BCAA formula to help maintain lean muscle mass and recover quicker Amino IV from Physique Enhancing Science is one to consider very seriously.

  • Directions

    Mix 1 scoop of Amino IV with 700-850 ml of water and consume Intra Workout or any other time during the day to further recovery. 

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