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Amino Lean by GenTec Nutition | Amino Acid | BCAA | Genesis

by GenTec Nutition

Stimulate protein synthesis and burn fat!


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  • Description
    If you’re looking to burn fat, boost your metabolism, elevate your mood or help control your appetite then look no further; newly developed Gen-Tec product - Amino Lean is now Stocked at Genesis! Ideal for body builders, strength training athletes and those on a restricted calorie diet, Amino Lean is packed with key ingredients such as Green Tea Extract, Tyrosine, Chromium and Glutamine to support fat loss, increase metabolism and muscle recovery!Not only that, but it also contains an amino acid blend that creates a refreshing drink and supports a healthier body.
  • Key Points
    • Anti-Catabolic Support
    • Immune System Support
    • Increased Mental Focus
    • Burn Fat
    • Increase Vasodilation
  • Our thoughts

    The Team knows how important it is to provide your body with the correct nutrients it needs, to prevent all your hard work in the gym from being compromised by muscle loss or changes in body composition. That’s why we love the new fat burning Amino Lean from Gen-Tec! It stimulates protein synthesis whilst an arsenal of ingredients get to work burning that stubborn fat.

  • Directions

    Mix 5g (1 teaspoon) in 250ml of water and consume before or during exercise or throughout the day as a healthy, tasty beverage. 

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