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Bear Food by Kodiak - Superfood Carbohydrate Complex!

by Kodiak

Give your body the ultimate carb supplement it needs to keep you going stronger for longer!


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  • Description
    Bear Food by Kodiak gives your body 49 grams of high-quality carbs from 8 real food sources and 3 biologically engineered super carbs in one serving. These ingredients are designed to digest at different rates to provide a sustained release of energy in order to fuel your body for optimal performance and replenish your muscles as you go.  
  • Key Points
    • High-Quality Carbs from Real Food Sources
    • Rapid and Sustained Energy Release
    • Enhanced Endurance
    • Improved Recovery
  • Our thoughts

    Bear Food by Kodiak is an excellent product designed to release and digest carbohydrates at different rates to ultimately keep you energised and feeling stronger for much longer. It gets a big tick of approval from Genesis!

  • Directions recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines.

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