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Big Grips by Vantage Strength!

by Vantage Strength

Big Grips by Vantage Strength improve grip strength make easy exercises hard!


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  • Description
    Vantage Strength has come out with another winning product thanks to Big Grips. Big Grips are specifically designed to improve your overall grip strength and assist you in getting bigger and stronger by increasing the thickness of the bar. By increasing the thickness of the bar, muscle activation is enhanced drastically resulting in faster and more effective muscle growth. Vantage Strength has designed Big Grips to fit all standard sized dumbbells and barbells, making them an amazing addition to your gym bag.
  • Key Points
    • Increase grip strength
    • Enhanced muscle growth
    • Want bigger biceps? Curl with Big Grips
    • Chasing bigger triceps? Press with Big Grips
    • Fits all standard bars and dumbbells
  • Our thoughts

    The Genesis Nutrition team were blown away with the effectiveness of Big Grips by Vantage Strength. At first, we struggled, our grip just wouldn't last and we would hit failure earlier than we wanted to, but then the Big Grips did their thing. We noticed are grip strength drastically increased and our forearms were thicker from holding the Big Grips tight when using them to do biceps curls the muscle activation and pumps were out of this world. We have never felt anything like it when using Big Grips and recommend it to anyone looking to improve any aspect of the lifting. Definitely, Genesis Approved.

  • Directions recommends you follow the manufacturer guidelines. 

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