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Metabolic Bioshock By Giant Sports - Pre Workout!

by Giant Sports

Focus, Energy, Pump, Endurance, ZERO Sugar, ZERO Carbs!


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  • Description

    Pre-workouts can be a major component in your workout and can mean the difference between a good workout and an incredible workout (and physique!) Metabolic Bioshock by Giant Sports is formulated to give you a rapid onset of energy, to increase your mental focus and raise your endurance levels. It contains ZERO sugar and ZERO carbohydrates. Not only does it help prolong and buffer the onset of muscle fatigue, but it also amplifies your muscle pumps, which helps you smash out more reps and see more results.

    This potent formulation is designed to pack a punch and give you that ‘psychological edge’ and mental focus needed to help you smash through each and every workout. Metabolic Bioshock is packed full of explosive ingredients to help you achieve your desired goals and make maximal progress. Metabolic Bioshock is one of the first pre-workout supplements that have considered more than just energy boosts, intensity, endurance and muscle pumps. It’s been formulated to take into consideration your entire musculoskeletal system (muscle, bones, joints), your hemovascular system (blood vessels and blood nutrient levels). Definitely, Genesis Approved!

  • Key Points
    • Rapid Energy
    • Maximum Muscle Support
    • Zero Sugar
    • Zero Carbohydrates
    • Increased Focus and Endurance
  • Our thoughts definitely rate Metabolic Bioshock by Giant Sports as a fantastic pre-workout. Overall, there was a huge improvement in mental focus, energy and endurance throughout our workout. The fact that there is zero sugar and zero carbs is fantastic for anybody watching their carb or sugar intake. The flavors are great and very easy to mix and drink! 

  • Directions

    Mix 1-2 scoops of Metabolic Bioshock with cold water or juice and drink 30-45 minutes before training or physical exercise. Always follow manufacturer directions for use.

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