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Anesthetized By Blackstone Labs - Sleep Aid

by Blackstone Labs

Gives you the deep sleep you need for your body to recovery and wake up feeling refreshed. 


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  • Description

    Genesis Nutrition Australia is proudly stocking Anesthetized by Blackstone Labs. Anesthetized is a sleep aid designed to assist with sleep when you’re feeling restless. If you have been training hard and taking lots of supplements it is easy to have an uncomfortable time trying to get to sleep. 

    Sleep is such a vital part of muscle recovery and growth and not something that should be missed. This formula has been proven to speed up the rate that you fall asleep and the rate at which your body reaches the R.E.M cycle. If you having trouble getting some shuteye then give this product a go!

  • Key Points
    • Speeds up rate that you fall asleep
    • Makes body reach R.E.M faster
    • Increased Recovery
  • Our thoughts

    The team at Genesis Nutrition recommend Anesthetized to anyone with trouble sleeping, but especially those who are training extra hard and are on a lot of different supplements. We often focus on trying to build muscle and lose weight without concerning ourselves with other aspects of our health. A good sleep is just as important as a good workout and without both you won’t get far!

  • Directions

    Mix 1 level scoop in 250-350ml of water and consume before bed.

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