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Body Guard by Muscle Werks - EAA Protein Accelerator!

by Musclewerks

Enhance your muscle growth, performance and endurance!


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  • Description
    Get results fast with the innovative new product from Musclewerks. Bodyguard is a state-of-the-art dairy-based peptide formulation designed to improve your endurance, performance, and muscle growth capabilities. Bodyguard administers over 20 essential amino acids via di-peptides and tri-peptides. These molecules are so small they require little to no digestion and are, as such, are delivered to the muscle fast to prevent muscle breakdown during times of intense exercise!
  • Key Points
    • Instant delivery of Essential Amino Acids
    • Boosts Muscle Growth Potential
    • Improves endurance
    • Improves Performance
    • Reduces recovery times
  • Our thoughts

    This product has changed the Genesis Team's game. We have less DOMS, a better recovery, are able to go harder even in the most intense training sessions and we're already noticing the difference in our physiques. It's digested instantly and easily, causing no distress to our stomachs. We love this as an intra-workout formula to keep to going and going during our workouts. We can't get enough of the delicious flavours either! 100% Genesis approved! 

  • Directions recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines.

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