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Ready to Eat Meal by BodyMeals - No Refrigeration Required!

by BodyMeals

No preparation, an ultra-long shelf life & no refrigeration required!


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  • Description
    Time poor? Or looking for a convenient way to always be prepared without the stress of preparation and refrigeration? BodyMeals are specially designed to give you the most convenience possible because these meals require no preparation and have an ultra-long shelf life. What's also mind-blowing about this product is that no refrigeration is required, and Body Meals can be consumed 24 months from the date of production. BodyMeals is made through Retort which is a highly innovative science and cooking method which eliminates bacteria and microorganisms. This means you can always be prepared with meals fit to duel your body without the hassle and time you don’t have! 
  • Key Points
    • No Refrigeration required
    • Zero preservatives
    • High protein
    • Low in sodium  
  • Our thoughts

    Ready to eat meals that don’t require refrigeration and last 24 months from the date of production – what more could you ask for? BodyMeals are the ultimate healthy, time saving and convenient way to be prepared.

  • Directions

    As per manufactures instructions.

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