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Candies BCAA by Yummy Sports - Worlds Best Tasting Aminos!

by Yummy Sports
BCAAs are the top of the food chain when it comes to muscle growth and recovery and Candies BCAA are some of the best tasting on the market!

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  • Description
    BCAA'S are the most important Amino Acids when with it come to muscle growth and recovery. Yummy Sports have used superior bio-available instantised aminos, which will aid in protein synthesis and help fight off the negative effects of catabolism (Muscle wastage). Candies BCAA was designed to accelerate recovery and muscle growth in elite athletes by combining the highest quality ingredients all the while tasting amazing. 
  • Key Points
    • Increased Recovery
    • Spark Protein Synthesis
    • Sugar Free
    • Added Electrolytes
    • Amazing Flavours
  • Our thoughts

    The first thing you will notice about this product is the amazing sounding flavours, but not only is it one of the best tasting BCAA products on the market, it’s also one of the best formulas. With full clinical doses of branch chain amino acids, this product is sure to help to reach your goals faster and speed up the recovery process. Candies BCAA also boasts a full spectrum of electrolytes including potassium and magnesium citrate. 100% Genesis Approved!  

  • Directions

    Genesis Nutrition recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines.

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