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Carnitine Capsules by Beast Sports Nutrition | Carnitine Complex | Genesis

by Beast Sports Nutrition

Burn Fat & Maintain Muscle with Beast Nutrition's Carnitine Capsules!


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  • Description
    Carnitine is a naturally occurring dipeptide synthesised in the liver & kidneys from the essential amino acids lysine & methionine. Carnitine's role in fatty acid transport enhances the rate at which your body can use fat for energy production. This helps your body burn a higher percentage of fat for fuel instead of going directly to a carbohydrate source. Beast Nutrition knows what they are doing and have brought you a product with a Carnitine blend that is sure to assist you in your weight loss goals.
  • Key Points
    • Weight Loss
    • Energy Production
    • Enhance Recovery
    • Utilize Fat for Energy
    • Reduce Muscle Damage
  • Our thoughts

    Carnitine Capsules by Beast Nutrition is a must have product in any athletes supplement arsenal. With a generous dose & 4 different blends of Carnitine, you will be burning fat in no time. Carnitine does not only assist in weight loss & energy production, it also helps preserve hard earned muscle in the gym & enhance your recovery. It's easy to see why this product is a must in your supplement stack & Carnitine by Beast is definitely Genesis Approved!

  • Directions

    Genesis recommends following manufactuer recommendations.

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