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Delicious Casein by Giant Sports!

by Giant Sports
This slow digesting protein is for those looking to fuel their working muscles during sleep and ensure ultimate nutrient supply and keep away dreaded muscle starving (Catabolism) in between meals.

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  • Description

    Genesis Nutrition Australia is now proudly stocking Giant Sports Delicious Casein. This slow digesting protein is perfect for those looking to fuel their working muscles during sleep and also ensure ultimate nutrient supply and keep away dreaded muscle starving (Catabolism) in between meals. Casein sources Alpha, Beta and Kappa deliver up to 8 hours slow release protein uptake to your body.

    Delicious Casein packs in 24 grams of Protein per serve with absolutely NO Gluten. To add to the appeal just 1.6 grams of total carbs and 1.5 grams of fat are included per serve with sugar at an incredibly low 0.38grams. Keeping with the tradition of Delicious Products the flavour is Amazing and consumers will look forward to their daily dose of the product. If you are looking to take control of your diet 24/7 for ultimate results Delicious Casein is the perfect product to cover your night time and in-between meal needs.

  • Key Points
    • High Protein - Low Carbohydrate - Low Fat
    • Stay Anabolic and Fight Catabolism
    • Natural Muscle Protection: High levels of threonine, glutamine and arginine.
    • Slowly Digested: Quality micellar (native) casein proteins for sustained and efficient digestion for up to 7 hours, making it perfect for use before sleep or between infrequent meals.
    • Increased Amino Acid Absorption: The slow digestion rate provided by micellar casein helps improve the absorption rate of casein’s unique amino acids, including muscle sparing glutamine, threonine and arginine.
    • Naturally High in L-Glutamine, Calcium & Phosphorus.
  • Our thoughts

    We have always been fans of Casein but when we heard Giant Sports were producing one we were extra excited! Why? Because the taste of their Products is amazing and they have not disappointed this time either. Firstly Delicious Casein mixes nice and thick and the taste is beyond compare in the casein market currently. We felt full after our shake but not bloated and felt great knowing we had 8 hours of nutrient supply ahead of us while we slept. If you want to take control of your lean muscle 24/7 Delicious Casein is a product to seriously consider.

  • Directions

    Mix 1 Scoop with 500ml of cold water, low fat milk, full cream milk or soymilk in a shaker or blender. Take 1-2 times daily when a sustained protein release is required. Best times for use are before bed or between meals. Not recommended for use immediately after training. 

    Casein is naturally thicker than WPI and mixes into a thicker, more dessert-like consistency. It can be used to make protein ‘pudding’ by adding half the recommended amount of liquid, or into a full bodied shake by using the recommended amount.

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