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Combat Sport 100% Casein by Muscle Pharm | Casein Protein Powder | Genesis

by Muscle Pharm

This potent casein protein powder delivers sustained and slow-digesting protein and amino acids!


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  • Description
    Muscle Pharm has created a phenomenal casein protein powder that is a must-have in your muscle-building stack. Combat Sport 100% Casein by Muscle Pharm is the perfect product for those that are wanting assistance in repairing muscle, building lean muscle, and are wanting slow-digesting protein and amino acids in their protein supplement. Combat Sport 100% consists of a digestive enzyme blend which will assist with digesting the protein quickly and efficiently without any bloating. This gluten-free supplement is the perfect protein before you go to bed since it aids with feeding your muscles with nutrients while you're sleeping. 
  • Key Points
    • Casein Protein Powder
    • Added Digestive Enzymes
    • Repair and Builds Muscle
    • Gluten-Free
    • Perfect Protein Source Before Bed
  • Our thoughts

    The whole team would highly recommend this ground-breaking protein to anyone wanting a delicious yet effective protein supplement that will get the job done. Combat Sport 100% Casein by Muscle Pharm is a revolutionary casein protein powder that effectively assists with repairing muscles, building lean muscle and helps to deliver 28 grams of slow digesting protein into your system.

  • Directions always recommends following manufacturer directions for use.

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