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Hard Capsules by Core Nutritionals

Give yourself the edge at achieving that dry hard look with HARD by Core Nutritionals 


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  • Description

    Dieting consistently, training hard and still not able to achieve the dry hard look you've been seeking this whole time? Introducing HARD by Core Nutritionals.

    This capsulated product combines traditional herbs, with new-school technology and ingredients to become your secret weapon to get to your physique goals. As with all Core Nutritionals products, this features a fully transparent label so you know exactly what you are getting with each and every serving!

    These ingredients include...

    • KSM-666® Ashwagandha 600mg - A very effective compound, not only to boost physical performance but to also significantly reduce the catabolic hormone cortisol in the body.

    • Phosphatidylserine 500mg - A compound that has been commonly used to boost exercise capacity and performance.

    • N-Coumaroyldopamine 40mg - Boosts c-AMP production in the body which has benefits for physical performance & boosting metabolic rate.

    • DIM 200mg - A natural anti-estrogen compound that aims to create a healthy hormonal balance. By controlling estrogen levels, you will gain a leaner, drier physique, while also improving your sense of well-being.

    • L-Theanine 300mg - An amino acid that is gaining more popularity. L-Theanine plays roles in releasing Dopamine in the body which improves your overall sense of well-being.

    With this stacked proven formula you can expect to see reduced water retention, decreased cortisol levels, optimized hormonal balance, increased physical performance and an overall better recovery!

    Don't discredit your hard work effects and give yourself the edge you’ve been needing with HARD by Core Nutritionals

  • Key Points
    • Reduced water retention
    • Decreased cortisol levels
    • Optimised hormonal balance
    • Increased physical performance
    • Better recovery
  • Our thoughts

    We at Genesis understand achieving a dry lean physique is a hard task! HARD makes it that bit easier and therefore we recommend this product to anyone wanting on an edge on how they look and training performance!

  • Directions

    Genesis recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines.

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