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Crank! Prototype II by Lecheek Nutrition – Hardcore Pre-Workout

by Lecheek Nutrition

Explosive energy, tunnel vision focus and increased blood flow.


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  • Description

    Crank! Prototype II by Lecheek Nutrition is a seriously intense pre-workout matrix, not recommended for the faint of heart or for first-time users. Straight from the USA, this hardcore formula contains concentrated ingredients dosed to their maximum levels. With no fillers, consuming Crank! Prototype II is like drinking the liquefied screams of a thousand burning wasps. Tunnel vision focus, insane energy and unrivalled performance; this product makes other pre-workout supplements look like lolly water.

  • Key Points
    • Insane energy
    • Tunnel vision focus
    • Improved muscular endurance
    • Increased amino synthesis
    • Intense pump
  • Our thoughts

    Crank! Prototype II by Lecheek Nutrition is one of the strongest pre-workout supplements on the market right now. If you find that you have to double or triple dose your current pre-workout, then Crank! Is for you. Insane energy, road-map vascularity and incredible focus; this product will set your workouts ablaze as you tear through new PBs.

  • Directions

    Genesis Nutrition recommends taking 1 scoop with 200ml of water 30 minutes before your workout. DO NOT EXCEED ONE SERVING PER 24 HOUR PERIOD. An assessment of tolerance should be made for those unfamiliar with similar products, taking a half dose for the initial workout. Always follow manufacturer directions for use. 

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