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Creagen by Dorian Yates - Timed-Release Creatine!

by Dorian Yates

Creagen Time Released Creatine by Dorian Yates-Next Gen Creatine!


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  • Description
    Cregen Time Released Creatine by Dorian Yates is a one of kind creatine formula formulated by Dorian Yates himself. Creagen is perhaps the biggest breakthrough in supplementation for quite a while. Creagen is the world’s first and only timed-release creatine supplement ever developed, utilizing a special pharmaceutical inspired delivery system never seen in the supplement industry. Creagen will help build muscle, strength while aiding with weight loss.
  • Key Points
    • Muscle Gain
    • Improved Strength
    • Time Released
    • Trusted Brand
    • Tastes Great
  • Our thoughts

    Here at Genesis, we love Groundbreaking new products being released. Creagen by Dorian Yates is a one of a kind time release creatine formula. We all know the benefits of regular creatine, Improved muscle gain, cellular hydration, improved strength etc. Now Creagen has been shown to increase the body’s natural creatine levels in the muscle 15 times more than normal, triggering rapid increases in size and strength. Creagen is suitable for armatures to professional athlete’s men and woman alike. 

  • Directions recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines.

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