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Dedicated Nutrition BCAA Sensation - Amino Acids!

by Dedicated Nutrition

Power Packed Amino Acid Formula to have you performing at your Best!


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  • Description

    BCAA Sensation™ is the ultimate BCAA drink mix to fuel athletic performance during sporting activities. Research has shown that Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) play a critical role in the muscle building and recovery process. BCAA Sensation™ contains several groundbreaking additional ingredients that have an immediate effect on performance, endurance and muscle building. Each and every ingredient in BCAA Sensation builds upon the strength of the other ingredients to increase its potency, making it the must-have cocktail for any athlete that is focused on muscle growth and optimal recovery.

  • Key Points
    • Key amino acids for enhanced recovery and protein synthesis
    • Completely transparent ingredient dosing
    • Zero carb and fat formulation
  • Our thoughts

    Genesis Nutrition Australia is a huge fan of this product! With added Taurine for energy and 4-1 Leucine Ration this is perfect for the every day gym goes simply looking for an amino acid to aid in muscle hydration, through to the more advanced trainer who requires something to keep energy levels high during intense training. All of the flavours are fairly equal as far as taste goes but our personal favourite is the Kiwi Strawberry. 

  • Directions

    1 Serving intra (during) your workout to aid in hydration and muscular performance. Additional servings during the day may be consumed to assist in the reduction of muscle break down. 

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