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Destroyer by Killer Labz - High Stim Pre Workout!

by Killer Labz

Destroy your workouts with this extremely powerful pre workout powder!


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  • Description
    Destroy by Killer Labz is an addition to their supplement range and will be their second pre-workout product next to Executioner. If you are looking for a high stimulant, high energy and focus pre-workout then Destroyer is a must try for you. Each serve of Destroyer brings you a big hit of Caffeine, Beta Alanine, and the incredibly high dosed DMPA. DMPA drastically increases cognitive function and helps improve the user's mood.
  • Key Points
    • High Energy Production
    • Enhanced Focus
    • Huge Muscle Pumps
    • Mood Enhancement
    • High Stimulant
  • Our thoughts

    Destroyer by Killer Labz is not for the faint of heart as it comes packing one hell of a punch. With some seriously incredible ingredients at high doses, this pre-workout will take you to the next level without a doubt. 2 types of Caffeine are included for a sustained release system, 2g of Beta-Alanine to help buffer lactic acid build-up, and many more hard-hitting ingredients. It's time to destroy your workout with Destroyer by Killer Labz. Definitely, Genesis Approved!

  • Directions recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines.

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