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Detox Revolution by MuscleSport - Full Body Detox Capsules!

by MuscleSport

Eliminate harmful toxins and bloating with this full body detox cleanse by MuscleSport!


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  • Description
    Detox Revolution by MuscleSport is an advanced full body detox designed to help eliminate harmful toxins and reduce bloating. A number of key ingredients allow this to happen, including: psyllium husk - a fibre that absorbs fatty acids and cholesterol; Cascara Sagrada – which stimulates the muscles of the intestines to help eliminate harmful toxins and bloating; Dandelion Root- which aids in the removal of water-soluble toxins and Ginger Root- which improves nausea, oxidation and blood profiles. Together these ingredients work to neutralize any harmful toxins and take care of your body from the inside.
  • Key Points
    • Full Body Cleanse
    • Eliminates Harmful Toxins and Bloating
    • Promotes Healthy Gut Bacteria
    • Reduced Inflammation
    • High in Antioxidants
  • Our thoughts

    Detox Revolution by MuscleSport is for those seeking to care for the health of their body from the inside. It is an advanced full body cleanse full of antioxidants that will leave you feeling cleansed and rid of harmful toxins. 

  • Directions recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines.

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