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Dust V2 by Blackstone Labs - Pre-Workout!

by Blackstone Labs

Extreme pre-workout formula designed to reduce muscle fatigue, aid recovery, and provide sustained energy to keep you going throughout your workout! 


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  • Description

    Dust V2 by Blackstone Labs is the sequel to Angel Dust after it was discontinued. This product is a pre-workout designed to increase energy and keep the body going for a more intense workout. The formula contains a huge range of ingredients that definitely make up for the ingredient dropped since the first edition. This wide spectrum of ingredients means that this pre-workout will not only provide sustained energy but also speed up recovery, enhance performance and strength output, encourage a better muscle pump and prevent muscle fatigue.

    Dust V2 is packed full of so many ingredients that it's almost hard to get your head around, here's a breakdown: The formula contains beta-alanine, which is known for preventing muscle fatigue, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate and Taurine for recovery, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Betaine Anhydrous and Stearoyl Vanillylamine for performance enhancement and strength output, Agmatine Sulfate and Norvaline for a good muscle pump and a blend of caffeine and caffeine enhancers for sustained energy.

  • Key Points
    • Sustained Energy
    • Reduces Muscle Fatigue
    • Enhances Muscle Pump
    • Aids Recovery
  • Our thoughts

    The team love that this product does more than just provide energy. Dust V2 has packed in so many ingredients so that it attacks fatigue and enhances performance from every angle. Blackstone Labs set out to prove they did not need AMP Citrate to show you results and they have certainly done just that. Definitely Genesis Approved!

  • Directions

    Always follow manufacturer directions for use. 

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