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Estro Switch by Switch Nutrition

Hormonal imbalances cause a lot of issue when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Fix yours with Estro by Switch Nutrition 


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  • Description

    Estrogen dominance or imbalance affects a large portion of women and men. There are many different reasons individuals hormones can be unbalanced, most commonly caused by stress from everyday life. Estro Switch is designed to help support the natural balance of your body by removing harmful xenoestrogens, preventing the excess conversion of testosterone to estrogen and minimising the conversion of progesterone to cortisol.

    Some key signs of hormone imbalance include...

    • Weight Gain
    • Poor quality of sleep
    • An underactive thyroid (struggling to lose weight)
    • Low sex drive

    Back by proven key ingredients...

    Turmeric - Reduces inflammation that disrupts healthy hormone signalling and feedback, which may lead to a hormone imbalance and helps detox excess estrogen and xenoestrogens build up in the body if not eliminated through detoxification. Supporting this pathway may improve healthier-looking clearer skin.

    Polygonum Caspidatum - Supports healthy cholesterol levels which support the production of sex hormones and therefore improve cardiovascular health.

    Schisandra Chinensis - proven to reduce stress and anxiety and therefore improve recovery time and overall mental wellbeing.

    N-Acetylcysteine - shown to improve insulin sensitivity allows individuals to consume more carbohydrates without excess weight gain.

    PomegranateSeed Extract - may reduce the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen, reducing excess estrogen formation

    Milk Thistle Extract - Milk thistle may reduce the visible signs of aging and support cognitive health by reducing oxidative damage and amyloid plaque in the brain and has also been shown to stimulate bone mineralisation. Reducing the risks of osteoporosis that comes with excessive or lower estrogen.

    Quercetin - helps support the removal of heavy metals that can disrupt hormones, gut and brain health and m ay reduce the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen reducing excess estrogen formation.

    With so a list of advanced benefits for both female and male users, Estro Switch will greatly assist you in achieving your training goals!

  • Key Points
    • Elevate Mood 
    • Boost energy 
    • Enhance Recovery 
    • Minimise weight gain 
    • Increase sex drive 
  • Our thoughts

    Its painful training hard, dieting correctly with little result! If this is you then its almost certain its hormone related! Fix yours with Estro Switch by Switch Nutrition. 

  • Directions

    Consume two caps twice daily with food. 

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